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Activity-based methods as a tool in substance teachers’ every-day work

ToiMeen! is a project that aims to promote activity-based learning methods. The name ToiMeen!, which actually means “Action!”, is an abbreviation for toiminnalliset menetelmät meaning activity-based methods. The project is financed by the Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education, and it is closely linked to Liikkuva Koulu / Finnish Schools on the Move program.

What do we mean by activity-based methods?

In activity-based methods, the basic idea is to make the learning environment and the structure of the school day more activating both physically and socially and the pupils are looked at as active learners. In activity-based learning, different pedagogical approaches are used with a focus on experiential and participatory methods. The idea is to find the best possible learning environment to teach the topic at hand. Often, this means leaving the actual classroom. The activity-based methods are used in order to tighten the pupils’ commitment to the group and to make studying more meaningful. Using these methods should not only improve the pupils’ well-being but also lighten the teacher’s work.